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Cleaning solar parks is our profession. 
Thus, we can help you with any kind of solar park

Flat roofs &
Company roofs

Flat roofs and company roofs are the most common in our experience. We often notice that people simply forget to check the panels on these roofs periodically. With out drone we can easily do a quick check for you. 

These kind of parks are often located in an industrial area, therefore there is more potential pollution in the air. The concentrations of, for example, particular matter and carbon dioxide are often higher here. The efficiency loss of your solar panels will go up to 15% faster compared to other solar parks. 

Besides cleaning your panels, we also clean the space under and around the panels. This is something often demanded by insurance companies, because it reduces the risk of fire.

– More possible loss of clean energy if your park is located in an industrial area;

– We will clean your full roof too, next to the panels. This keeps your insurance company satisfied with the state of your solar park ánd roof.

Agricultural parks

Also for cleaning agricultural solar parks, we are the right fit. Agricultural parks are often steep, which makes them harder to clean. 

Besides that, in agricultural environments we often see more sand and higher levels of ammonia. This increases the chances of pollution of your panels. But no worries, we have all the right equipment to deal with these kind of issues. For example an extra high platform.

We recommend you to have your solar park cleaned at least once per year. We are always ready in no time to help you out with our robot.

– Because of the steepness of the panels it’s hard to keep the panels clean yourself;

– We always bring an extra high platform for these kinds of projects, so that we can always clean your solar panels effectively. From top to bottom.

Ground parks

Ground parks are, as the name might tell, solar parks on the ground. For example in open fields, but also on hills. Ground parks are often very large in total surface. Therefore, the loss of efficiency is usually higher in total at these kind of parks. It might seem easier to clean these parks, but things like high grass can make it more difficult than you would expect.

If necessary, we start by taking care of the surface around the panels, so they remain accessible.

– At ground parks there often is no water supply nearby. We always bring the right equipment to be ahead of problems like these; 

– High grass and/or weeds around your panels? Then we will take care of that besides the regular cleaning process too.

Floating parks

Floating parks, where you’ll find ‘floating panels’ are probably the least common among solar parks. But even with these kind of parks, we can help. 

Floating parks are often hard to gain access to, and can be exposed to different kinds of erosion. We recommend to properly check the state of your floating park at least once a year. And call us if there’s an issue.

– We always bring the necesarry transport tools, even on the water;

– Floating panels can’t always handle the weight of a person, our robot can be an extra advantage in these kind of scenarios.

Ready for periodically re-gaining precious clean energy?