Simple, effective
& efficient.

No small print. Nothing unclear. We say it how it is, and like to make the process equally efficient to the final result. 

How we work

5 simple steps towards more efficient, clean energy


Inventarisation & offer

By filling out a questionnaire you are able to select the type of park, the slope number and the amount of panels at your solar park.


Accepting the offer

On a convenient digital portal you can sign the offer digitally. We will contact you afterwards to plan a meeting. Whenever suits you best.


Cleaning of the park

With our robot and platform with us, we will clean your park at your preferred time. Always with a closed power circuit.


Joint evaluation

After the cleaning, we will inspect the result together with a checklist. We are satisfied only if you are. To the fullest.


Finalisation and invoice

We will send you the invoice within 48 hours, including the checklist. Usually we need to come back after one year.


The energy yield of solar panels per year and per square meter is on average €34,50 euros. (source: kenniscentrum NZU)


Heavily polluted solar panels can lose up to 15% in energy efficiency, which comes down to around €5,17 euros per square meter per year.


 With a solar park surface of 1000 square meters you will earn back €5170 eyros per year because of our cleaning. 

The Quality Flex standard