Quality Flex

Professional cleaning of large solar parks

We provide high quality, innovative cleaning of solar parks. With out state of the art robot, we guarantee 100% quality and efficiency. Always.

Durable cleaning for durable energy.

Watch the video for a short impression of our robot

Clean solar panels,
Clean energy.

We often get the question: what’s the use of cleaning my solar panels, or entire park? The reason is simple: cleaning your solar park professionaly on a regular basis, keeps the efficiency of your solar panels optimal. Did you know dirty solar panels can lose up to 15% in energy efficiency?

A simple measurement, before and after cleaning, instantly shows the positive effect of the cleaning procedure. You will earn the cleaning costs back in no time.

Zonnepanelen Reinigen Robot

Our robot guarantees optimal and precise results. Always without chemicals.

Flat or agricultural parks, ground parks and floating parks. Anything is possible.

After the cleaning your panels will shine and you’ll earn back on average 15% of clean energy.

Cleaning solar parks
has never been this easy.

Our robot does most of the work, but is always accompanied by a professional to supervise the process. Besides cleaning, we always check the panels itself for technical issues. The space around your panels, for instance your company roof, is also thoroughly checked. If necessary we use our own drone to do this.  Thus, we can access the most remote solar parks.

Besides the financial profit, it’s also important to keep your solar panels clean to prevent long term damage. This way it is less likely you will need to replace them.

For cleaning solar parks and panels of all sizes.

Our robot is viable in particular for large solar parks, but also for smaller parks it could be worth your time to discuss the possibilities with us. We clean all sorts of solar parks, from company roofs to floating parks. 

"Quality Flex provides excellent service. Thanks to the yearly cleaning Bas does, we earned around 14% of clean energy at out agricultural park. A true eye-opener for us."
"We've known Bas for a while and thus weren't suprised by the results. The robot cleans quick and effective, even our large solar park of almost 10.000m2. Would definitely recommend.
Project Manager bij EKI

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